Friday, July 1, 2011

Holy Stick Pins!!!! Only $1!!! That's right...One Dollar!

Hey everyone!

My roommate just gave me these stick pins! She makes fabulous jewelry and I have been bugging her about the stick pin rage.....I need stick pins! And holy cow these are beautiful!! She is going to be selling her stick pins, including these. And you want to hear the best part??? THEY ARE ONLY $1 EACH!!!!

Yep, that's right! Only $1 each!!

You can get custom ones made for specific themes or colors or with different charms. I'm sooooo excited about these! I will be making some projects so you can see these incorporated (wow...big word of the day!) in some papercrafting projects.

You can either order them by emailing me at or just go check her out at Etsy Indianbeauty for all her fabulous handmade jewelry! (smoke free pet free home)

Have a fab weekend and hold tight for some awesome projects with these gorgeous pins!

xoxo Charity

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