Saturday, July 9, 2011

Blogger issues!

Hi everyone!

I have been sooo frustrated! I have not been able to leave comments on blogs with my google id in over a month! Whenever I try to leave a comment and click the drop-down tab to choose an ID, I choose Google. It pops me over to sign into google with my email and password. Once I do that, it pops me back to the blog I was trying to comment on and says Anonymous at the top, but still doesn't let me leave a comment!

I have even upgraded my Explorer browser from 7 to 9 and upgraded google to chrome. Lowered my setting...etc...basically everything that google help has said to do and to no avail! I am ready to scream!! I want to leave comments for my scrappy family out there and cannot!! The only time it lets me is if the blog I'm on is set to have the pop-up window for the comment, then for some reason I'm already signed in can leave a comment (like on

Does anyone have any suggestions!! Ready to rip my hair out!

Thanks for any help!!

xoxo Charity


Peggy Sue said...

I have been having the same problem! Not that I am glad it is happening to you, but I thought it was me just going crazy! ahhh! there are days where all my followers have disappeared! (Im having a giveaway so it makes it a bit difficult! btw, stop by and enter!) I tried contacting Blogger but that didn't work. I have to just be "anonymous" if I want to post!! good luck and let me know if you find a solution...Im still searching for one!

Julie said...

I been having the same problem I changed and done everything and its still wouldnt work in the end I had to download and install firefox and do anything to do with my blog through it and it works great.