Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tacky Tuesday Challenge #7!!! YAY!!!!

Hey everyone!!

Are we having a scrappy time out there??!! I know I am and I just got done making my card for the Tacky Tuesday Challenge. The card had to have a cut of a sea creature and have the word 'sea' on it somewhere.
So here is the entry:

I OFCOURSE went to my favorite cart Create A Critter for the whale. I flipped the whale though because, to me anyways, it looks backwards when things face towards the left. I know...weird huh...or were you thinking the same thing?!! The card is 5x7 and the whale was cut at 31/4.

The title was done on Sure Cuts A that program!!

I can just lay out my paper on my mat and have minimal waste.  

The wave paper is from the Debbie Mum 'Noak's Ark' 8x8 stack. I used my scissors (STILL do not own a distressing tool) :( to distress the edge and adhered it to blue cardstock. 

Here is a pic of the title after it cut from SCAL....sorry for bad pic, but little paper waste!! 

I embossed the lettering with my Cuddle Bug for the 'water' effect. 

After piecing it together with my fabulous Tweezer Bee tweezers and Zig Two-way pen,
I slid my white ink pad across the top of the 'bumps' to highlight them. 

I found this glitter tape, came as a set with another color tape, at Michaels on clearance
(they were closing one store to move it). 

So I wanted to make my own 'pearls' for designs on my LO's and cards. I picked up this Tulip Beads in a Bottle, it's really for fabric but I tried it out on some cellophane so I could remove them once they were dry. OMG it actually worked!! The little 'hershey kiss' point flattens itself out as it dries and I just picked them right off the cellophane and adhered them where I needed them. As you can see I did a couple rows of each color. I used a 40% off coupon so it ended up only costing $1 a bottle!!! They will last a really long time too!! 

The whale is on a pop dot. I inked her and added 'stitching'...ofcourse! You can't really see the glitter tape in the pic but it is under the blue ribbon, which I added rhinestone to. 

Welp, I hope you like my card!! I love your comments even more tho so please leave me some....if you dare....bwahahaha!!! No seriously, thank you everyone for checking this out! Now go check out the other fab cards on Tacky Tuesdays Challenge #7!!!!

xoxo Charity

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Onesie Album

Hello Everyone!!

I hope you guys are doing great, getting trough hump day today! I am posting the pics of my onesie album I made this past week. I put it together kinda quickly due to time constraints so some of the pages aren't as complete as I would've liked them.

Now on to complain about my picture quality....I forgot to take the pics with my actual camera, instead I was frantically trying to get pics of the album on break at work. Now I don't know if the camera on my Evo is acting up or my computer or both, so unfortunately they did not come out the greatest.

The whole book was cut on my Cricut Expression with an svg file. Everything else I either put together myself or already had the embellishment. I took a pic of the paper stacks and open stock paper from my stash that I used in the album.

I hope you enjoy!! Let me know if you have any questions...

See what I mean about the crappy picture quality??
This page is blue with dark blue inking around the edges!!

Flowers I put together with brads and glitter glue.

Can't even read this one and I sure don't remember what it says,
definition of 'love' maybe?

Made sure I put a lot of photo spots with journaling tags that come out.

The 'pink' embossing is actually white! Stampin' Up stamps.

Can you even see the trim?? Yep, that's trim if you can't see it!

So there is my very first onesie album!! Sorry about the pictures, really really wish they would've come out better but not much I can do about it now!

The girl at my work, her last day was yesterday so that's why I had to get it done quickly. I think I was the last to know about her baby shower and her leaving!

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think or if you have any questions about anything!!

Thank you my scrappy family!

xoxo Charity

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Onesie Album

Hi everyone!!

I'm so sorry I haven't been very active on my blog *smack hand* but I have recently moved and am finally settled in. One of the girls at my work is pregnant and leaving our store. So some of the ladies got together and are throwing her a baby shower at the store on Tuesday. As my gift I am making her a onsie scrapbook album. I will be posting some pics soon. I just wanted to let you know why I have been MIA lately!

I hope everyone's weekend is going as planned and filled with fun!! I will post again soon!!!

xoxo Charity

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Personal update and an AWARD!!

Hi everyone!

I haven't kept up on my blog lately or entered any challenges because I was in the middle of a move. I am all moved in now and getting back on track! A while ago Priscilla over at Pri's Craftee Escape received a blog award and so graciously passed it on to ten other blogs who she thought deserved to wear the badge proudly. And guess what.....oh that's see it at the top of my page displayed proudly!! This is my FIRST award and I just started my blog in April!!! I am soooo honored and very thankful for receiving this award!!

Once you have been passed the award, you must do the following;

1. Wear the badge proudly on your blog
2. Tell 5 Cricut-related things about yourself
3. Share this award with 10 other Blogs you think are Cricut-tastic

Here are my 5 Cricut-related things about myself;
1. I really want the Cricut Imagine but can't justify the cost....just yet...bwahaha!
2. I LOVE making layouts with my Cricut but have found myself making a lot of cards lately
3. Almost all papercrafting I do with my Cricut includes Sure Cuts Alot
4. My go-to cart is Create A Critter
5. I want to cover my Cricut with purple vinyl...purple is my favorite color!

Here are the 10 Blogs I am passing this award to. I visit them constantly! and they totally deserve this award and many more!;
1. Cardz TV
2. September Ninth
3. The Purple Muse
4. My Pink Stamper
5. Karlee Krafts
6. Meesh's Pieces
7. Crafting With My Girls
8. Cricut Chick
9. Gloria's Goofy Craft Spot
10. Scrappin 5 Little Cupcakes

PHEW!! That was hard to narrow down to just 10! So many uber talented scrappers out there that I just love!

Once again I want to thank Priscilla for giving little 'ol me an award! And thank you to my scrappy family out there for supporting me and each other!  ***HUGS & SQUEEZES***

xoxo Charity