Tuesday, August 28, 2012



How is everyone doing??! I am exhausted and working on getting my life back together! Since my son and I moved back to Ohio from Las Vegas, it has been a roller coaster ride. We moved around a bit and finally was able to afford our own apartment! It's the cutest little apartment with a great price! He's soooo excited that he still asks "are we at our new house?" every time we pull into the driveway! And we got our keys on April 1st!

So I cannot wait to catch up with everyone. I dearly miss being on the design teams and my design team sisters. I will have some projects coming up since we have a blank slate in our apt to work with! Fun fun!! Plus...I just purchased a new paper cutter, the Craftwell Ecraft cutter (more to come on that).

So I just wanted to say Hi to everyone, I miss my crafty family and cannot wait to get back into the loop!