Sunday, October 2, 2011

Lasting Memories Challenge #58

Hey everyone!!

Time for another fabulous challenge from Lasting Memories!! I LOVE these challenges because it's all about layouts, only layouts and nothing but layouts!

Today's challenge is Recipe With A Twist....and the twist is you have to incorporate SONG LYRICS on your layout somewhere! Ok, lets just start with an OMG cause I kept forgetting this little element of the challenge! Here's the recipe part;
  • (1) photo
  • (2) embellishments of choice
  • (3) colors of choice
This part was easy peasy for me. But why would it be a challenge then? Oh no!! Karen has so graciously added the lyrics part to get our creativity flowing! My son and I have a favorite song by Bruno Mars, it's the Lazy song. So I had this song going through my head while choosing a pic and figuring out how in the world to add lyrics. If I did a vintage or grunge look it would be easy, however, that was not what my creative juices were telling me to do! As you can see by the colors!! 

And que the challenge!
I did print the lyrics and just couldn't figure out how to get them on this page and have it still look good. So what I did was write the lyrics along the stems of the flowers!! PHEW! Got them in there! I didn't, however, get that in the video cause when I hit 'record', little did I know I had it on 'pic' mode! So it just took a pic while I was merrily writing away! And here it is:

When we woke up one morning, this is what JaKobe looked like! With tissue and all!!
What scrapbooker wouldn't get a pic of this!

 Can you see the lyrics I wrote in green along the stems?
They're there, just squint a little bit!
 And it continues along the stems for the song.

And here is how I put it all together (minus the part where I wrote the song on the stems!)

Now go check out my Design Team Sisters;  BrendaMarieKarenCarynVickiAmyMichelleWendyJoelle and Kim for some uber fab inspiration and get those layouts done!! We just cannot wait to see what you come up with!

xoxo Charity


Vicki said...

Great layout. Cute picture and wow, love how you wrote the lyrics on the stems.


Michele F. said...

Charity!! This is amazing! Lovin' those lyrics on the stems! such a great idea!!

The Scorpian Crafter said...

OMG! How creative to write the lyrics on the stems of the flowers! Love your take on this challenge. Caryn LMDT

glassgraffitix2 said...

Great LO! My friend just walked by and said "It's a booger!" I said no it's not, it's paper. How creative to add the lyrics in that manner!

Karen Wilson said...

Omg, I LOVE this! What a pic and I LOVE that song too! Makes me smile every time I hear it and when I see the video, makes me laugh, I love your LO this week!!!