Saturday, June 4, 2011

Personal update and an AWARD!!

Hi everyone!

I haven't kept up on my blog lately or entered any challenges because I was in the middle of a move. I am all moved in now and getting back on track! A while ago Priscilla over at Pri's Craftee Escape received a blog award and so graciously passed it on to ten other blogs who she thought deserved to wear the badge proudly. And guess what.....oh that's see it at the top of my page displayed proudly!! This is my FIRST award and I just started my blog in April!!! I am soooo honored and very thankful for receiving this award!!

Once you have been passed the award, you must do the following;

1. Wear the badge proudly on your blog
2. Tell 5 Cricut-related things about yourself
3. Share this award with 10 other Blogs you think are Cricut-tastic

Here are my 5 Cricut-related things about myself;
1. I really want the Cricut Imagine but can't justify the cost....just yet...bwahaha!
2. I LOVE making layouts with my Cricut but have found myself making a lot of cards lately
3. Almost all papercrafting I do with my Cricut includes Sure Cuts Alot
4. My go-to cart is Create A Critter
5. I want to cover my Cricut with purple vinyl...purple is my favorite color!

Here are the 10 Blogs I am passing this award to. I visit them constantly! and they totally deserve this award and many more!;
1. Cardz TV
2. September Ninth
3. The Purple Muse
4. My Pink Stamper
5. Karlee Krafts
6. Meesh's Pieces
7. Crafting With My Girls
8. Cricut Chick
9. Gloria's Goofy Craft Spot
10. Scrappin 5 Little Cupcakes

PHEW!! That was hard to narrow down to just 10! So many uber talented scrappers out there that I just love!

Once again I want to thank Priscilla for giving little 'ol me an award! And thank you to my scrappy family out there for supporting me and each other!  ***HUGS & SQUEEZES***

xoxo Charity

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Robyn said...

Thank you so much for the blog award! I am so honored. Have a wonderful weekend!!