Sunday, April 3, 2011

Mini Scrapbook Album

This is an album I made for my favorite Aunt. She lives out of state and I haven't seen her in a long time! She didn't even know I was pregnant. So I decided to surprise her and make an album for her of my son JaKobe!

Hope you enjoy the pics!

I hope you like the book. It was early in the beginning when I first received my Cricut Expression. Some of the pages I would probably redo looking back on them now, but they are still cute!

Thanks for looking!

xoxo Charity


jplatt said...

you did a terrific job of this album. Wow you were big at the end. How much did your baby weigh? Great job.

Janette P

The Bookin Room said...

Thank you!! And he was actually only 7.10, so he was average. Just a lot of water weight, gained almost 50lbs!!