Monday, August 19, 2013

LM #153 - How You've Grown & WINNER


This has been a crazy week studying for midterms. I apologize my post is so late so lets get right to it!

How You've Grown

We want to see how you've grown along the way of your scrapbooking adventures.
Here, I have the very first layout I ever did, 5 years ago!

pg. 1
pg. 2
I have the actual hat and booties from the picture on the page!


I was in the kitchen eating chocolate when my son came in and saw me. He said he didn't want any so I put the rest back in the fridge and went into the bedroom. All of a sudden my son comes RUNNING into my room and yells, " Mommy!!!! I ate all your chocolate that was in the fridge!" (in his sing-song voice) LOL!


Last weeks Birthday Blog Hop was amazing! I've been so busy I barely got my post up!
I used for my winner, and the winner is........................


Please email with your address so I can mail out your prize pack!!

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xoxo Charity


Haven_mom4 said...

Okay I'm going to have to go and eat the chocolate in the fridge now. Seriously looked at it just before reading your post. too funny. Anyway love to see both your creative growth and your sons growth.

Toni Herron said...

I think your first LO is absolutely adorable!!
And as for your second LO.. WOW! loving it!!
The story about the chocolate is very very similar to one what happen here just last week too! lol..
Boys... They can't keep away from that chocolate can they! Cheeky things!
Thanks, Toni.. xoxo

Karen Wilson said...

Oh my gosh! LOVE your first LO with his little hat and booties! Very clever!! I have all my stuff like that in a box! I do see some quilling on your 'now' page, not to mention a mischievous young man lol!! Love it! Great pages!

Claire R said...

I love your then LO, with the hat and booties, that is so clever and makes for great memories! You now LO is fabulous, love the simplicity of it.

Darcy said...

I absolutely love that you incorporated his hat and booties! I adore your new page!

Denise Pustelniak said...

Are those his first pair of booties and cap? Your new page is just adorable and they make it so hard to be mad at them! LOL!

Kimberly Clark said...

so cute.. love the second one such great photos!!