Sunday, December 2, 2012

Snow Layout Challenge #117!!!!

Hello Everyone!!!

Happy Sunday and happy new challenge!! It's all about the snow, snow pics, kids playing in snow, your favorite snow pics, whatever about the snow that inspires you to make a layout of it we want to see it!!!

I did not make a layout with pics because, well, my pics from quite a few months are in the bottom of Lake Erie! Yep, you read that right! I'm one of those procrastinators that never take the time to upload pics from my phone.

Me, my boyfriend and my son sailed to Kelly's Island over the summer, had a fabulous trip, took lots of pics, and welp, we were on our way sailing back and here's me, trying to get one of those uber great shots of the morning sun behind the sail. I tell my boyfriend to move his big head as I started to lean to get the shot..........and..........there it went............bounced off the rim of the the second ledge..............PLOP!!!! My HTC 4G Evo sunk with a quickness. The Lake consumed it with a fury like it was tasting a cell phone for the first time and it was a candy like no other!

I watched it for a second, slowly cry for help as it was sucked in by the waves of Lake Erie. Sheer terror on my face, I turned around to face Joe. He was now standing over me, the look of shock had drained the color from both of our faces. He looked at me and said "Honey, I will buy you a new phone cause I love you". (btw, first time he EVER said that 4 letter word!)

My eyes started to burn as I held back the fit of rage and sadness that was welling up. Every cute, funny, weird, hilarious occasion, single moment, planned celebration for the past 6 months was on that phone.................was now sinking hundreds of feet below the surface where we thump (if it makes sound under water) (will it? if no one's around to hear into the bottom causing a cloud of sand to settle around it, where it will rest for the days of it's life.....

SO! That's why I do not have any 'snow' pics!!!!! How was that for a suspenseful story of a scrap book LO!! hahaha!!


Can't wait to see what you've got!!  
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xoxo Charity


TeenaBugg38 said...

Charity, omgosh this rocks!!! LOVEEEEE your layout.....that banner just puts it over the top for me.... awesome job sista!!!

Michele said...

Ummm... this is soooooo GOOD!! I am loving the scallop pieces on the photo mats. And the banners are my best friend! And... oh gosh... I LOVED your story. Not necessarily the ending.. but you kept me glommed on waiting to see what you were going to say next. We have some great writers in our group. :) SUPER layout Charity! You rocked this one.

Toni Herron said...

ooh no.. you poor thing!!
I know the sheer terror I have when I can't even find my phone (2 minutes later, I remember to ring it and its all good again.. lol)
But those 2 minutes without it are a life time.. lol..
So sad that you lost your phone, so GLAD that you got to hear 4 very special little words! So exciting!!
And finally, awesome LO! (even without pics!)
Toni.. xoxo

Haven_mom4 said...

So sad about your phone. Lovely layout and another fab video

Elizabeth Campau said...

Everyone teases me because I refuse to use my phone for pics-well now I have a story of why not for them. But I did lose a digital card that had all of our northern Missouri pics and that makes me want to cry-so I feel your loss. But on another note this layout is adorabale! Hopefully it snows this season so you can use it.

Denise Pustelniak said...

How Terrible, you lost your cell phone! But at least your fabulous LO is ready to put in a couple of photos!

Kimberly Clark said...

Oh charity... my heart is breaking for you!!! what a sad story... you should do a LO about the missing pictures and the story on your phone - that way you can still share the memories with people that go through your book :)